Song Of The Day 7/6/2014: Walter Egan - "Finally Find a Girlfriend"

Sub-Hit Wonders – The '70s: One-hit wonders started accumulating on the pop charts in greater number during the '60s. But they really perfected the art form of single-unit flame-out in the '70s, when our appetite for exciting pop numbers we didn't have to respect in the morning skyrocketed in flight. So this week we've havin' us a sequel to the original round of Sub-Hit Wonders -- songs by one-hit wonders other than the songs they had hits with -- and focusing squarely on the squirrely inseams and feathered toupees of the 1970's.

Walter Egan's only dalliance with the Top 40 was an agreeable '60s-esque stroll number called "Magnet And Steel", extolling principles of physics in assessing the current status of a newish relationship. The song hit #8 on the US charts and was featured on the 1978 album Not Shy, which was produced by Lindsey Buckingham and contains nutritional supplements of Fleetwood Mac all over. "Finally Found A Girlfriend" comes right after "Magnet" on Not Shy and is graced by the rather obvious but certainly not unwelcome presence of Stevie Nicks in the role of choral enabler. The drums on "Girlfriend" are straight out of Mick Fleetwood's infallibly consistent arsenal -- however, it's not Mick drumming, it's Mike Huey. Egan also wrote the song "Hot Summer Nights," a minor Top 40 hit for the group Night, who really could have used a little more elbow grease in the naming department.

Egan still makes the occasional album. The last one was called Myth America, a solemn tribute to our nation's lispers. (Or something.)

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