Song Of The Day 7/10/2014: Wild Cherry - "Hold On (With Strings)"

Sub-Hit Wonders – The '70s: There's nothing I can say here that will say it sweeter than Music Mike does, but I have a few notes. Wild Cherry, named after the prunus avium species of cherry found primarily in Europe and the Middle East, came from Steubenville, Ohio, which has been in the news in a not-good way in recent years. Their plank in the epochal ark that bears the weight of pop music history was called "Play That Funky Music," in which a caucasian musician enlivens his tepid bar-band repertoire by "disco(ing) down and check(ing) out the show" and deciding to change his setlist to feature more of said "funky" music. It works wonderfully well for one song.

I was surprised to learn that Wild Cherry had been around since 1971, so you couldn't call them fly-by-nighters in the blue collar musician department. They managed to release a couple of more albums after the eponymous one that had "Funky Music," but by then the hook had played out. So they revived one of their earlier songs and threw strings on them, I think. I honestly haven't listened to this one all the way through yet. I'm guess that since there's some parenthetical strings in the title, there's some actual strings on the track. I gotta run for a minute, but can you stick around and check out if they did use strings? You can just tell me later.

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