Song Of The Day 7/12/2014: Anita Ward - "Don't Drop My Love"

Sub-Hit Wonders – The '70s: Wrapping up what I'm sure has been a harrowing and consciousness-rewiring week for all of us is Anita Ward, whose sole shot of chart glory came via the winsome disco hit "Ring My Bell," which I think I held out on liking until the moment I accepted pop nostlgia as an acceptable outlet for my inner conflicts. When it came out in 1979 I didn't care for it at all. But 35 years later I've finally given in. Those are some sweet harmonies on the chorus. And I like her singing. But this post isn't about "Ring My Bell," it's about something that wasn't. "Don't Drop My Love" was the lead single from the album Sweet Surrender, which was notable for its quality of not containing "Ring My Bell." I kind of understand why this one didn't catch fire. It's a little more frantic. By this time we were all looking for ways to find solace in disco. We were all petered out. And by "we" I mean you, because I wasn't even a teenager when this came out. I had no clue what went on in discos. Lord knows what you all were doing during that time that made you so damn tired.

Uh, yeah, I think we're closing up Sub-Hit Wonders Week on that note. Maybe we'll do another one when it's been long enough gone that I can trick you into thinking it's unique next time. Until then, we'll always have Orlando.

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