Song Of The Day 7/13/2014: Air Miami - "World Cup Fever"

I admit, when I programmed this song back in -- I think it was April -- I thought, being a blog from America, knowing how we haven't foregone our typically bloodsport athletics in favor of soccer, that I was going to have to remind most of my fellow countrymen that today was the World Cup Final. I figured the U.S. was going to get bounced out of the Group of Death early and when that happened national interest in the sport was going to dissipate on the spot.

Actually, I have already have a correction to make in that last paragraph: I didn't think the U.S. would get destroyed in the Group of Death when I programmed this song because I couldn't have even told you what the Group of Death was at the time. I picked up on it, and every other aspect of the World Cup, shortly after the tournament started. Working for an athletic concern as I do at present, perhaps the World Cup was more in my face as a daily routine than it might have been in other environments, but still, I underestimated World Cup Fever on these shores in general.

So now every catty, US-centric jibe about futbol I was going to spend this entry making is impotent and irrelevant. Even my kids watched this thing.

Ah well. We'll always have curling. Enjoy the match. (Joke about Nazis deleted.)

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