Song Of The Day 7/15/2014: Bearded Lady - "Rock Star"

Young Blood International!: Still searching for definitive information about Young Blood International (well, not too much yesterday since I was attacked by a horde of screaming deadlines), but I found a little bit of knowledge about what is probably the most acclaimed single ever to bear the label's name. Bearded Lady was one of the harder pub rock units out in England in the early '70s. They happened upon a singer combatively named Johnny Warman, who had a knack for rubbing shoulders. Wikipedia, that failsafe source for influenza epidemics and 1994 World Cup groupings, says that Warman and David Bowie were on a first-name basis, something of a quill in Warman's bowler.

Other luminaries in various degrees of blindness started to whisper about Bearded Lady, which is proper protocol for all bearded ladies, really, and they seemed to play the role to the hilt with their single "Rock Star." Backed by the song "Country Life," it turned out to be the only thing Bearded Lady ever put out during their existence. They recorded an album that didn't see the light of day for 27 years, which will really mess up your promotional tour schedule (or more likely get you out of it).

I admit this is another song I love. It sounds sardonic, pushy and provoking, though I can't understand a word of it. It's also the last really normal song you'll be hearing from Young Blood International until, oh, Saturday I suppose. The journey's part of the reward, General Custer once told me.

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