Song Of The Day 7/19/2014: Janie & The Marlettes - "Schoolgirl Notion" (+ A Young Blood Playlist)

Young Blood International!: So we close this tribute to Young Blood International Records without having learned much of anything about them. I was hoping somebody would chime in with some back history a la Colin Donald but the shroud remains intact. Let's just go out with some ungraspable fantasy as is my wont: Today's song is a Young Blood original, one of the favorites I've come across on this road trip. That raised VI-chord in the chorus transition will get me every damn time. You can pretty much strap me across the Magic Fingers at that point and let me rattle into felicity. I'm a cheap date.

Young Blood's singles weren't necessarily consistent, but I picked up a joie de vivre for pop music that's still curiously attractive to me. So I figured I'd let the music do the talking: Here's a Spotify playlist featuring this past week's songs, plus fourteen more from the Young Blood catalog. You can mix 'n' match and trade 'em with your friends. My hope is that it skews your weekend just a smidgen. Thank or chastise me later.

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