Song Of The Day 8/31/2014: The Jolt - "No Excuses"

Untitled Punk Week: A little secret to this blog's runaway success (it's more like a trot-away success) (actually this summer was the blog's healthiest three months ever) is that I'm constantly seeking to program songs that are new, I hope, to at least 80% of the people who stop by on a day-to-day basis. Here's what I haven't told you yet: About 70% of the songs I throw on Song Of The Day during any given year are songs that I'd never heard until very shortly until I program them. Meaning I trawl the web, find a song I've never heard before in my life, hear it, smile, pat my imaginary assistant on the head, and then slap that song right on the editorial calendar. And that's the process for 7 out of 10 Songs Of The Day.

Which is just to point out that 70% of the year I'm flying blind on my own damn blog. Kind of how I ran my radio show. It's especially in place this week: I have seven songs from the glory age of punk scheduled over the next seven days, and up until last Sunday when I started scheduling this week I'd never heard any of them in my life. So they're all fresh and exciting to me, but I'm also creating a lot more mental work for myself because I don't know anything about the bands. I don't even remember how I got them and this was just a goddamn week ago. Yet I have to write something to fill this space. What the hell, though. I'm sure you'll get a kick out of watching me twist in the wind and I need the exercise anyway.

And I've just killed two paragraphs explaining process, so I can coast out of here by introducing The Jolt. They were from Glasgow and were much loved locally, fingered as one of the most promising punk bands in the Empire. Then they moved to London where every band was one of the most promising punk bands out there. So off to the margins they went. This week is for bands exactly like that. Send your thank-you notes to Blogger 'cause I don't read my mail.

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