Song Of The Day 9/6/2014: Nasal Boys - "Hot Love"

Untitled Punk Week: Wrapping up a week of punk bands I'd never heard of until about two weeks ago are Nasal Boys, a name so peculiarly combined yet weirdly conveying that it could only come from Switzerland, where the languages grow on trees. Nasal Boys were borne from Switzerland's swingin' German side, and their official slogan was the phonetically succulent "Schneller!! Härter!! Länger!!" ("Faster!! Harder!! Longer!!") While the Boys could certainly be considered very schneller, and showed a good degree of härter, their recorded output consisted of only one 1977 single, "Hot Love" b/w "Die Wüste Lebt." That doesn't sound very länger to me, but it's a great record.

Found only one snippet of information on Nasal Boys via the mail order arm of Revolver Distribution. "Hot Love" reminded me a little of the nervous pulse of Richard Hell & The Voidoids, something backed up by their admitted influences: "In a TV interview from 1977, the band was asked why they didn’t dress punky. 'We're against cliches', the singer responded, and: 'Our main inspiration is U.S. Punk, not U.K. Punk.'" Burn! And since we're dealing with Switzerland: Brûler! Brennen! Bruciare!.

Okay, well then, back to our uneventful, meticulously planned, calculated suburban lives.

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