Song Of The Day 9/13/2014: Raphael Saadiq - "Good Man"

Let's Go Sacramento!: Wrapping up what's been a schizophrenic kind of trip back to Sacramento in my mind is Raphael Saadiq, who from what I can tell lived in Sacramento "in the '80s." But he was born in Oakland, and formed Tony! Toni! Toné!, a group that got started just as I was starting to tune out the pop charts, in Oakland as well. But not only do we know he lived in Sacramento, as recently as 2011 he was even fond of it.

It's not capitalized the way you and I demand but sometimes that makes the sentiment even more sincere. You know what? I miss you too, Sacramento. I miss your hot summers on the concrete, your greasepaint, the throbbing expectations of downtown and Shakey's Pizza. As I understand it none of those things are there anymore except the summers, but now they don't even have any water to properly enjoy them.

ANYWAY, Raphael Saadiq, a great artist nobody talks about enough. Spent at least some time in Sacramento. Then he left. Maybe we'll both be back on Watt Avenue for a visit someday. As for now the march continues.
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