Song Of The Day 9/27/2014: National Health - "Brujo (Warlock)"

Canterbury Week: Hey, you guys... I just wanted to let you know, I feel just awful about the last four days. I take this blog very, very seriously, no matter what it looks like. Up until Tuesday I'd been doing this thing 904 days in a row with no interruption, and I consider it a real dereliction of duty that I skipped out on you during such a pivotal theme week. If only I had some memory of where I've been, at least I could form some sort of idea what I --

Wait a minute... holy flapjacks, hold on one damn minute... who's been updating this blog while I've been out?

The hell? Who's been impersonating me? Who got my password? How in the hell did you get my password? This is beyond unacceptable. This is scandalous.

Stan? Was it you, Stan? Goddamn it, that's the last time I let you take me fly-fishing, Stan. I had this suspicion. Those weren't flies we were using. And I think it was very inappropriate for you to slip them in my tea, as well. I don't even drink tea, which is really the hell of the whole thing.

Damn it. I have to put my life back together. All I know is I woke up this morning in the neighbor's bathrobe (please don't ask me how I know it's my neighbor's bathrobe, it was a yard sale gone wrong), my living room covered with parchment paper, little scraps of foil shaped into chickens lined up in a row on my desk, overdue library notices for all these Lewis Carroll books I've never consumed at all, and my wife and children replaced with exact replicas of themselves, except taller. Like, three feet taller.

I knew Canterbury Week was a risky idea. Forget it. I'm taking my inflatable Richard Sherman figurine dressed up like the Archbishop and going home.

Wait, I'm already home. Well, I'm going somewhere else, but close by.

Let's just pick this up tomorrow and pretend this never happened. Here's a song featuring Dave Stewart. Not that Dave Stewart.
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