Song Of The Day 10/5/2014: Niels Jensen - "Mobbingbarn"

Foreign Underground: A few weeks ago when I was stealing punk tracks from the elderly I came across a trove of foreign-language tracks from roughly around the same period I was dealing with, the late-ish '70s to the early-ish '80s. I should've documented the process to be able to recall what I was doing when I found them, but never mind. Then you'd have access to my secrets and that wouldn't be good for holiday sales. Anyway, I figured I could use a week of songs for which I couldn't make lyrical interpretations because I can't understand what they're saying, and that would in turn reduce some of the wanton verbosity I'm becoming renown for. My megaphone's busted.

This is Niels Jensen. He's from Denmark, but on the Swedish version of Wikipedia, that go-to destination for lingonberries and how to resuscitate a draug, they claim he's Swedish. He rose the blue-and-yellow in 1979 when he was just 15 years old with a hit single called "Bullying Children." He's still active at age 50, also serving as a filmmaker and videographer. Above-mentioned Swikipedia page also made a claim Jensen made music videos for Marty Robbins, the guy who sang "El Paso" and has been notably dead for 32 years.

Turns out it wasn't Marty Robbins, but in the Swedish-to-English translation of the Wikipedia page it changed the name "Uno Svenningsson" to "Marty Robbins." We could start all sorts of folderol just by relying on bad translations of Wikipedia to English. I should write it as if it's true. Actually I should just translate this week's pages into another language, then translate it back into English, so the whole thing will read like the script to Borat. Anybody have an objection, besides common decency?

Well, as Prince said, this should be fun.
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