Song Of The Day 10/28/2014: Fantômas - "Rosemary's Baby"

Halloween Week: Rosemary's Baby was a book and then a movie about a newlywed married couple's struggle to find their identity in the crosswalk between the old establishment and gently suppressed youth culture of upper-crust New York. Oh, what to do? Is Rosemary's visage of maternal certitude a merely stationery totem against which the evasive dreams of her husband, aspiring actor Guy, may callously lean against for support? Will Rosemary find herself becoming the mother of two because of Guy's unrealistic ambitions? And what of his unlearned, stand-offish, inattentive nature? Will he really be able to calibrate his jittery, here-and-there presence when the cards are played out on the table? Will he ever understand her? Will he even have the capacity to hear, let alone discern, the suddenly increased responsibilities and needs of his long-suffering wife? And what will be their legacy, to themselves, to their family, to their communities, to their children?

Well, the answer to this conundrum's as old as time itself: Husband sells his soul to the Devil for a better career and lets Satan impregnate his wife so that she can bear his anti-Christian spawn. See? Problem solved! Happy endings happen after all!

This is the theme to the movie of Rosemary's Baby, composed by Krzysztof Komeda, and done by Fantômas, a positively evil and wonderful instrumental offshoot of Mr. Bungle's and Faith No More's Mike Patton, also featuring the Melvins' Buzz Osbourne and Slayer ex-drummer Dave Lombardo. This family tree is so incestuous, in fact, that before the end of this week I'm going to feature yet another Mr. Bungle/Faith No More offshoot project. No kidding! This is no dream! This is really happening!

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