Song Of The Day 10/31/2014: Secret Chiefs 3/Holy Vehm - "Exterminating Angel"

Halloween Week: Maybe some of you Faith No Maniacs or Mr. Bunglists (I just made both of those condescending terms up) can assist me with the particulars about Secret Chiefs 3, or the many offshoot pseudonyms they operated under. What are they? A collective? An aggregate? Rugby enthusiasts?

Anyway. In efforts to end Halloween Week on a truly scary note, I uncovered this piece from Secret Chiefs 3's fourth album Book Of Horizons. It's from 2004, and since I took that whole decade off from FNM and Mr. B, I sat this one out. Guitarist Trey Spruance, who's really kind of a head-snapping guitar player, apparently formed seven minion bands all operating under the SC3 banner. They each represented a different side of his personality, which kind of sounds like The Who's Quadrophenia except all Vespas are smashed to bits and everybody dies. "Exterminating Angel" is presented under the banner of Holy Vehm. It's resolutely terrifying, I suppose.

Can you tell I'm trying to sum up this whole week and move back to quaint little chamber music pieces? I'm no good at this fear thing anymore. Happy Halloween. No refunds.

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