Song Of The Day 11/28/2014: The Rappers - "Krunchberry Beast"

Housekeeper's Holiday: It's the day after Thanksgiving. I'm staring into the face of a month full of holiday shopping, choral presentations and spiced liquids I'm told have been "mulled." All aspects of my business are now in year-end review mode, I'm locked down in strategizing for the next year of this blog (believe it or not, there is strategizing), yet I have 35 more Songs Of The Day to kill. So you know what that means: It's Phone-It-In Time! For a whole month!

All that really means is that there's no high concept behind the songs in the next few weeks. No actual themes. I mean, there's Christmas Week, during which I'll have strange and interesting Christmas songs, but other than that until the end of the year I'm just going through some old crap in the basement and hauling it up so that everyone can get a look at it. Starting with something I for some reason called "Housekeeper's Holiday," which is nothing more than going through some mp3's I found compelling enough to actually keep on my hard drive. It's stuff from my personal collection. Unlike old wine, not all of it's aged that well. But if it did, would I have felt the need to preserve it? Exactly. It's a grab bag. It's a pot-pourri. It's a handful of leaves. Whatever. I wouldn't exactly expect sparkling prose from these quarters over the next few weeks either.

The first thing we have is "Krunchberry Beast" by the Rappers, a 1973 instrumental that's on my personal copy of Keb Darge's Legendary Deep Funk Volume 2. Darge is a Scottish DJ who collects classic underground rhythm & blues and rockabilly. "Krunchberry Beast" is a misspelled reference to a high-blood-sugar Cap'n Crunch mascot. I have no idea who the Rappers are, but they don't rap. It's going to be a beautiful nine days together.

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