The Top Song Of The Day of 2014

1. Nena - "?"
Apr. 9

Well... okay! All right then!

I have a few theories as to why this pleasant but boilerplate '80s song was the No. 1 Song of the Day of 2014 -- and to be honest, it wasn't close at all, as this now stands as the top Song Of The Day of all time. (No. 2: Amon Amarth!)

I think SEO had something to do with it. I mean, I don't know anything about SEO -- well, I know a little. But not much. Doesn't matter. Somehow it seems like a possibility to me that having nothing but a question mark in your title will put you in a lot of results. I could be totally wrong about this, but it's sort of like having an asterisk as a nickname. Right?

Also, Nena is as rock-solid a one-hit wonder as you could ever get. (In fact, this song was part of the Sub-Hit Wonders theme week, at least partially justifying its existence.) "99 Luftballons" was so anthemic, so much like a wallop over your head with a big German pillowcase, that it obliterates anything else she may have done. So featuring a song by her that isn't "99 Luftballons" raised levels of curiosity. Right? Did you think Nena did anything else besides that song? I mean, she must have, right? Oh my stars, she did? Well then! What did it sound like? Oh... something from Beverly Hills Cop II? Well, that makes sense, doesn't it.

Plus there's that bitchin' sax solo at the end. A bright, tremulous, phermone-rattlin' sax solo. (Note to self -- theme week possibility for 2015: Crimes Against Humanity As Committed by Saxophones.)

Hey, it's your pageviews man. You voted for this thing. Own it, sweetheart.

Thanks as always for your continued visits to SOTD. We have many enhancements coming up soon. Mainly T-shirts and promotional sponges, but that's better than Bitcoin.

Happy new year!

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