Song Of The Day 12/13/2014: Harold Melvin & The Blue Notes - "Yesterday I Had the Blues"

Song Of The Day Outtakes 2014: This was cut from Philly Soul week. I know it's not because it wasn't good enough, because it's my favorite Harold Melvin & The Blue Notes song, my favorite Teddy Pendergrass song, my favorite Gamble & Huff song, my favorite Philadelphia International song, possibly my favorite song to ever come out on a green record label, and maybe my favorite thing ever to come from the State of Pennsylvania, including Joe Montana.

I think it may very well be because I would have rather it be featured up here around now, right in the middle of the holiday season, when some of us may be feeling apprehensive or solitary in advance of a couple of days in which we'll be within our rights to run around like accountants with our heads cut off. Perhaps it's a wish. It could be actual. Maybe we should all say it to someone at the earliest convenience. Tell 'em Teddy sent you.
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