Song Of The Day 12/16/2014: Spoonie Gee & the Treacherous Three - "The New Rap Language"

Song Of The Day Outtakes 2014: Today’s song was originally cut from – well, everything, to be completely honest. I came upon this song at some point in the early part of this year on Jack C. Thompson’s Facebook feed. Sufficiently blown away by it, I kept trying to find a theme week or a spare weekend when I could squeeze it in. Alas, it never happened. Either out of my own short-sightedness or the usual flash-quick, fast-paced urgency of the archival song business, it just kept getting put off. In fact it wasn’t even supposed to be part of this special week, but I came upon it by accident, played it again to myself, and realized I owed this song some exposure. It’s just too staggering an achievement.

Spoonie Gee’s Treacherous Three included LA Sunshine, Special K and Kool Moe Dee (who was just here the other day). “The New Rap Language” was the B-side of another song which I’m sure sounded more important at the time, but has been lost in the bean bag chair of history in comparison to this 8-minute jabberfest. This came out at rap’s infancy in 1980. This is pre-Kangol, for crying out loud. (That is, pre-hip-hop Kangol. The Kangol had existed before in the satchels of golfers gone by, but then Grandmaster Flash was called in to resuscitate it.) Tell your conference call to hold on for ten damn minutes. What’s so important?

(Side note: This may be the longest page in this history of Rap Genius.)
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