Song Of The Day 12/26/2014: Nils Lofgren - "The Sun Hasn't Set On This Boy Yet"

Normally I would have scheduled this song for tomorrow, since that will be the final Song Of The Day of the calendar year 2014, and this song is sort of the final message of the year, the sum-up, the last two cards in the Celtic Cross tarot spread, the daring attempt at audio wish fulfillment in anticipation of a new year. However, due to mathematical considerations tomorrow's Song Of The Day will be A Very Special Song Of The Day, so we had to bump up the outgoing message to the more benign position of December 26, just when all of you are either chasing down post-Christmas bargains, returning your ugly sweaters, or watching the Gravy Train Dog Bowl on ESPN 18 (it used to be the Ken-L Ration Bowl but that brand's now defunct).

I don't feel like going into introspective mode because tomorrow's piece, I'm warning you, will be a real tl;dr masterwork. It's epic. I'm afraid it's not very introspective either but you'll just have to get used to the New Way. By way of messaging, however: 2014's over. Progress was made. After the amphitheater-collapsing-into-flames quality of 2013, 2014 was a nice holding pattern over the runway. It was probably necessary that it was that way. It was a reset. I was here for most of it. The frightening feelings of self-expiration continued, though. The stasis kicked in. I don't know if I'm irrelevant or just tired. But that's a year for you. It's over, everyone's back in their parking spaces, I got a new pair of headphones from Hank, and at the end of this year and the beginning of the next one, for the first time since I started taking these surveys I'm at a point of equilibrium that doesn't suck. It took awhile. But it doesn't suck.

As for my thoughts about 2015, I'm not taking questions, and am instead referring you to my spokesman, Nils Lofgren. Good night.

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