Song Of The Day Mystery Song: Mysterious B-Side Edition!

Brenda* my new personal assistant** came up with this idea to heighten enthusiasm for the blog so we're test-marketing it in Dayton. Thought I'd put it here as well. Does it tingle yet?

Since we're doing the second, apparently annual B-Sides Week we figured a Mystery Song of the Day would be fun. Obviously it would have to be fairly obscure, or unique in some way, and this one passed the muster. The big question with this isn't necessarily "What song is it?" Since it's B-Sides Week, the question is: To what #1 hit was this song the B-side?

Some hints that other people aren't getting:
  • It's from the '70s
  • It sounds absolutely nothing like the A-side (the song that was a hit), which was
  • A disco song.
The answer will be the Song Of The Day on Wednesday, January 7.

Have fun! Brenda's*** commission depends upon it!

* Not her real name.
** Not her actual job title.
*** Brenda doesn't actually exist.
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