Song Of The Day 1/13/2015: Phyllis Dillon - "Don't Touch Me Tomato"

Chaste Portraits of Caribbean Life: Wow. I must say, initial reactions to my efforts to bring traditional family values back to the music blogosphere have been amazing. I can't believe I've never done a moral crusade before!

Yesterday's presentation of the pro-gardening Jamaican song "Fork She Garden" really brought out a bunch of creative responses delivered straight to our Seattle offices. I haven't read them all, of course. Actually, I haven't even opened them. But I'm sure they've been great. I'd especially like to thank Ms. Anita Mandelay of the Oldham County Temperance & Prudence Council, who graciously overnighted a gift package with the message "FERTILIZER FOR YOUR GARDEN HEATHEN" (sic, obviously she meant "heaven"). I didn't have a lot of time so I gave the package to Brenda to open. She was thrilled; I heard her yelling "Oh God, CORN!" from the office next door. Thank you, Anita.

I thought we'd continue with the gardening theme with Phyllis Dillon's "Don't Touch Me Tomato." This is just a good, wholesome, old-fashioned slice of common sense. Picking tomatoes can be tricky; sometimes you don't want to leave them on the vine too long because they'll rot, but you also don't want to be too hasty. Ms. Dillon advises her male gardener (so many conscientious male gardeners in the Caribbean!) not to "squeeze" so many tomatoes -- because of potential blemishes, obviously -- but I'm sure this stubborn gent will have a tricky time with that, since Ms. Dillon remarks, in clear reference to his skull, that he's "hard as a coconut." Hard to find good help these days!

These first two days have been some family-centric fun! Hey, look -- an Amazon drone's here! How does it stay afloat with that heavy sack attached to it?!

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