Song Of The Day 1/30/2015: Chris Hodge - "Contact Love"

Apple Scruffs: Chris Hodge was brought to Apple Records via Ringo.

You know, I’ll let that sink in, then I’ll start again. All right?

Chris Hodge was brought to Apple Records via Ringo. The two of them somehow ran into each other – I don’t have any information as to where this was – and discovered they had a mutual interest in science fiction, especially UFOs. Hodge’s earliest works, in fact, were all about UFOs. The single “We’re On Our Way,” which came within a hair’s breadth of the American Top 40, was full of Wells-ian twists and turns tumbling in the reddened skies:
A woman’s assassinated
She makes her life a dream
Burning like a fireball
Heading for eternity

Well, she rides on astral moonbeams
Sparkle in the night
She shines in the sky
Like a god up high
And, baby, it’s outta sight
Good luck uncovering the allegory involving the human condition with that one. Anyway, by the time Ziggy Stardust landed UFOs were passé, so in 1972 Hodge recorded “Contact Love,” which for all I know is also about UFOs, but a little less obvious. I would hope the object has not been assassinated. If she has, then hopefully she’s been resurrected and restructured into some metaphysical vapor with the ability to feel, or at least stream feelings from some sort of metallic core.

This is also harder rock than I would have come to expect from an Apple signee, perilously close to that glam rock that emasculated the entire British rock scene. Insert Eric Clapton joke here.
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