Song Of The Day 3/22/2015: Babybird - "Song for the Functioning Alcoholic"

Sheffield, Courteous But Firm: All I know about Sheffield, South Yorkshire, UK I learned from the covers of Def Leppard albums and half-aware viewings of The Full Monty. And this video, in which everyone looks unnaturally thin:

I know a few other factoids about Sheffield, but certainly not enough to be a decent research assistant for Rick Steves. Maybe Fox News. I know two people named Cocker were born there. I know it’s where stainless steel was invented. I know they have a soccer (sorry governor, football) team that used to only play on Wednesdays, and that Pulp (of the second Cocker) being from there made it almost attractive as a tourist destination for a British vacation I keep meaning to take but lack the proper financing. And also that, fairly or not, in recent years it’s been synonymous for British misery, which I guess explains why they made that video up there. But I refuse to believe it! Unless you provide me with clear-cut evidence and statistical proof! But not until then!

So why not have a week (well, 6 days, the union says they get Saturdays off) of music from actual Sheffield residents, or as they’re called, “Sheffielders” or – it would great if someone explained this one to me – “dee-dars.” The great Babybird and “Song for the Functioning Alcoholic,” with its droll humor about the dismal and wearisome rituals of suburban haunts and plazas, seemed like a good thesis to start the whole sad charade off.

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