Song Of The Day 4/5/2015: A Band Of Bees - "Chicken Payback"

TUMWATER, WA – The Bees have to be called A Band Of Bees in America. I would have thought “A Swarm Of Bees” would be grammatically appropriate, but I suppose most bee swarms can’t play instruments. They’re known to hum, which is the exclusive domain of barbershop quartets. Most bees can’t harmonize that well anyway, unless the material they’re covering is limited to near monophone level. Or musique concrete. This is the dumbest intro paragraph I’ve come up with in years.

A Band Of Bees’ album Free the Bees, from which today’s song came, was recorded in Abbey Road Studios. That’s right, the same place Duran Duran recorded their debut album! And where the Alan Parsons Project did Ammonia Avenue AND Vulture Culture! They also recorded some high quality commercial jingles at Abbey Road. Anyway, the reason I mention that ABOB did Free the Bees there is because, as you can tell from today’s song “Chicken Payback,” it’s kind of hard to hear where the money went. It’s got this ’60s mono vibe. Lest that register with your ears as a complaint, “Chicken Payback” was in fact one of my favorite tracks of 2004.

It was also used as the music for a deodorant commercial in 2006.
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