Song Of The Day 4/24/2015: Albert Pla – “El Lado Mas Bestia De La Vida” ("Walk On the Wild Side")

Speaking In Tongues: Albert Pla’s from Catalan, which is in Spain but sort of not. I don’t really know how that works. He seems like an agreeable guy. Amusing party guest. Adorably skittish. In fact, according to the Spanish Wikipedia page hack-translated into English, Pla sings “songs of a particular extreme personality, sometimes a controversial content, and sometimes a child touch.” He’s worked with filmmaker Pedro Almodovar, whose work I admire greatly, but just based on that relationship I can easily see how Pla could be a little, you know, off. Since I hadn’t heard of this gentleman until I went scrounging around for content a couple weeks ago, I can’t really say in what manner his usual songs are of “controversial content.” Also, that language thing.

However, I can attest that, as chirpy and easygoing as Albert Pla appears to be, I’m fairly certain this particular treatment of Lou Reed’s “Walk On the Wild Side” is very inappropriate, with Pla’s comic hijinx distracting from Reed’s original portrait of the vagabond New York lifestyle. Or would be, if the Catalan-back-to-English translation of this song didn’t change the whole set-up in such adorably skittish ways. Here, have a look. This takes care of my word count.

Manolo was an all male chest hair
but I was a little tired, was tired of her sex
so shaved and depilated
and now Manolo is all woman
from going down the side of the more wildlife
yes Manoli - for the wilder side of life.

Natalia was a bit posh, hobbies fun without
her lovers kept
his small apartment student
but yes,
very decent clients were wealthy,
refined and elegant, and so survives,
on the wild side of life
yes Natalia - by wildest side of life.

Hey lei lei lerei lerei lerei lerei!!
Lai Lolai Lolai Lolai lailo Lolai!!
lailololaiiii …

Louie the Camellito
never gave anything,
even a touch here,
and a touch there,
if you want to freak
you pay
is that in this city
there is no one who does not say
Hey friend
you come for a ride with me
Hey Louie

Aurelio went the people
going to eat the world
was a little hick, easygoing and boring
and now if you saw it
in the disco
marching leads
come, come, come
dancing by the side wildest
l’Aurelius if the track more Beast of life.

Mary was 1,000 per hour
would very quickly
the more blind is put
more at ease she was
finished with her ​​tachycardia
and her best friend and me saying
that Mary was on the plus side beast of life;
Her friends told her:
Vas on the side more beast of life.

Hey lei lei lerei lerei lerei lerei!!
Lai Lolai Lolai Lolai Lolai lailo!!
lailo Lolai, lailo Lolai Lolai Lolai!!
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