Song Of The Day 5/1/2015: The Defects – “Brutality”

General Punk Week: Sorry I’m late. I was busy with another project. If you must know, it was an extended soliloquy, a gently empathetic musing, if you will, on the increasing insignificance of human fragility. Verily. I stood upon a dais festooned with wreaths and the bruised petals of our spent innocence. Then I issued forth a series of proclamations intended to restore our organic nature within ourselves, for the express purpose of reversing the fallow night of our mechanized existence into a smoldering, then burning aura of tractable lightness, striking a polar balance between attraction and altruistic objectivity. I even used Roman numerals to break out my points. For the advent of the new Aquarian most resist the fickle impulse of chaos and disorder; we must pave his or her golden pathway with utmost care and forethought, arrived at through meditative course, quiet and independent reflection of our position in the multitude’s march into the plush embracing of a compassionate god. I was forging a new alignment with the external and esoteric elements that long ago, in a conjurer’s charmed smithery, infused themselves into the noble tools that fashioned prosperous and hopeful civilizations from germs of philosophy into monuments of divine yet logical order. ’Tis a charter that would halt the projection of our orbit into fiery confusion, and ’twould set a new trajectory into the banks of untapped but very real potential, steering us back on course as a community, a nation, a hemisphere, a world.

Then my computer froze and I couldn’t recover the fucking thing. So screw it. You’re on your own. Here’s the Defects.
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