Mixtape Of The Day 5/30/2015: Boys of the Void

I went raiding yesterday afternoon for some Italo-disco and found quite a lot. I forget why. By the end of the session I'd found myself pilfering some B-movie disco in general, full of the strained, mechanical sexuality and enthusiastic tedium that we all used to glom onto in our more springy youths. After noting that most of the songs I'd gotten had the same relative tempo, at least within 20 bpms of each other, I thought I'd hash together a really basic mixtape with eleven of the pieces I'd obtained. And you know, I'm kind of surprised at the medicinal qualities of this mix. It could be the prequel to Drive. I can sense the ghost of Aaron Spelling nestling into some of the gaps. I thought you would like to come on this journey with me, so hopefully you've brought enough Vitamin B for all of us.

Track list:
Take a Chance, Mr. Flagi
Disco Computer, Transvolta
Moskow Diskow, Telex
Spacer Woman, Charlie
I Wanna Be Your Lover, La Bionda
Chase, Giorgio Moroder
Isle of Lesbos, Gerhard Heinz
Bombora, Anthony Kata Group
Take Me, Chatelaine
Flick My Bic, Disco Kids
Fair Light, Jean-Philippe Rykiel

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