Song Of The Day 7/4/2015: Classified – “Oh… Canada”

Oh, my. Egg on my face. I blustered through regularly scheduled programming last week, and completely overlooked a high holiday that deserved commemoration. I forgot all about Canadian Independence Day on July 1. Or, as it's economically called, Canada Day.

I'm sorry, northern neighbors. In my fervor to provide half-baked entertainment to a jittery and underwhelmed fan base, I neglected to take the time out to honor the cause of Canadian freedom. The sacred adoption of Canada's Constitution Act of 1867, setting the framework for a new promised land, uniting previously scattered provinces Canada, Nova Scotia and New Brunswick into a powerful, efficient and unfailingly polite international force. Where in holy hell were my manners?

Canucks, I hope this small offering, in which Nova Scotian rapper (as if there were any other kind) Classified outlines your many assets and charming peculiarities makes up for my sin of omission. To the rest of you, please forgive my editorial mishap. From this point on I'll make every effort to remember important national holidays and execute the appropriate blurbage herewith. This will never... happen... again.

Now if you'll excuse me, there's a Fox News truck outside my house that's shining laser pointers into my rec room.
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