Song Of The Day 10/1/2015: The Nomads – “Funky Carla”

Vital Organs – There’s very little to be found about the Nomads in most of my usual go-to web sources of important music information. lists their release information and apparent place of origin: Antigua & Barbuda, the dual-island country nestled in the watery elbow between the Caribbean and the Atlantic. The rest of this information I’ve had to fish from the barren well of used-record dealers and their scant posts about this release on the internet. This is going to be a fun demonstration on how to kill two paragraphs of web content with nothing but your wits and a jangled sense of direction.

Fact 1: None of the Nomads were named Carla, so my best estimation tells me the title of “Funky Carla” is a reference to Carla Thomas, the Queen of Stax, whose entire lineage carried a considerable strain of funk. Of course it could have been a private citizen named Carla for whom nobody has a public dossier.

Fact 2: The song came from their eponymous 1973 album on Village Records.

Fact 3: Nice organ, eh?

Fact 4: The room rate at Curtain Bluff Resort on Antigua includes all watersports facilities and activities, including twice-daily snorkeling trips and windsurfing. Book your reservation today.

Fact 5: Antigua’s mad for cricket. Viv Richards is the most celebrated athletics star from Antigua, “one of the greatest batsmen of all time.” Hey, Viv and I have the same birthday!

Fact 6: I probably can’t afford to visit Antigua & Barbuda anytime soon.

Fact 7: Maybe someday I can go to the Ixtapa Club Med.

Better luck next time, which is tomorrow. Oh! Yeah, we’ll have much more stuff to say tomorrow.

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