Song Of The Day 10/4/2015: The Hullaballoos – “I’m Gonna Love You Too”

The Hidden '60s, Part 2 – The Hullaballoos were in the first wave of British Invasion bands, arriving on the shores of America in a three-deck galleon and bags of saltpeter for trade. They were from the British city of Hull, which they seamlessly worked into the name of their group. Like the Beatles, the only thing a lot of print and television journalists of the era noticed about them was their hair. But the Hullaballoos’ follicle gimmick, as you can probably tell from the accompanying photo, was that their hair was dyed blond. This put them at a terrific disadvantage in the music business, since nobody was prepared to accept blond men as professionals in any capacity, except bellhops and junior mail clerks.

“I’m Gonna Love You Too” (#56, 1964), a cover of one of Buddy Holly’s more minor tracks, was one of the Hullaballoos’ two assaults on the Billboard charts. The other was “Did You Ever,” to which the answer was “depends on what you consider ‘calisthenics’.” “I’m Gonna Love You Too” was also covered by Blondie, circling the whole thing back to the Hullaballoos’ choice of hair color, but hardly rectifying the chasm between folly and ambition.

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