Song Of The Day 10/11/2015: Neil Young & Crazy Horse – “Everybody Knows This Is Nowhere”

You Pick the Artist IV – It’s the fourth and possibly last installment of my only remaining audience-participation feature, in which I bother my friends on Facebook to give me seven artists, for whom I’ll pick either my favorite or other undefined superlative song to slap up here. I don’t know if it’s honestly the last time I’ll do this or if it’s just going on indefinite hiatus. Frankly I’m not even sure it’s not just a marketing ploy. I only do what the voices tell me to do. They didn’t steer me wrong with that cabbie in Newark, even if the calcium deposits are a little uncomfortable.

Let’s go! Scott West gave me Neil Young, and picking my favorite Neil Young song is just as impossible for me as it is for you. The only Neil albums I don’t own at this writing are Chrome Dreams II and The Monsanto Years. He’s one of the very few artists whose catalog I can put on random shuffle for an entire weekend and be perfectly content, especially if I’m woodworking or doing calligraphy. Neither of which I actually do because I haven't listened to enough Neil Young yet. I had to make a list for this one; it included “Crime In the City (Sixty to Zero Part I),” “Walk On,” “Don’t Cry No Tears,” pretty much all of After the Gold Rush and Tonight’s the Night. I even liked Landing on Water when it came out. I mean I got over that one, but it was perfectly fine for Sacramento in the mid ’80s. But, in a photo-finish with “Don’t Cry No Tears,” I went with the title track from his 1969 album with Crazy Horse, ’cause out of all Neil’s songs it’s the one I figure I might need to use some day in the future.

Thanks, Scott!

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