Mixtape Of The Day 11/22/2015: The Hidden '60s, Vol. 3

Let's shut the door on the Hidden '60s with a couple of mixtapes. Vol. 3 is a bit longer than Vols. 1 and 2 because the songs themselves were getting longer between 1967 and 1969. It wasn't necessary to cap running times to three minutes or less. Things were more complicated. Our mental and emotional frontiers expanded, thrusting artistic expression well beyond the confines of strict commercialism and popular consensus. And boy, did that screw up into Mike Love's plans for world domination via cloying tropical drinks and condescension.

I happen to love this particular mixtape. Along with all the songs featured this past week, you'll hear:

  • The greatest Lesley Gore song ever
  • Something by Andre Williams that's actually family-friendly
  • Barry Ryan's epic of orchestrated need that was a European smash but a US "meh"
  • A wry piece of British mannerism by The Scaffold, composed by Paul McCartney's brother
  • Tina Turner singing about "things and stuff and stuff and things and stuff"
  • A song by Joe Tex, who had more songs (11) auditioned in The Hidden '60s research than any other artist
  • Lulu, because it's still the '60s
  • Other items

Let's get you started. And when you're done with this one, wait... there's more.

Davie Allen & the Arrows, "Devil's Angels" (#97, 1967)
The Third Rail, "Run, Run, Run" (#53, 1967)
Lowell Fulsom, "Make a Little Love" (#97, 1967)
Carla Thomas, "Something Good (Is Going to Happen to You)" (#74, 1967)
Joe Cuba Sextet, "Oh Yeah!" (#62, 1967)
Lesley Gore, "Brink of Disaster" (#82, 1967)
New Vaudeville Band, "Peek A Boo" (#72, 1967)
Andre Williams, "Pearl Time" (#90, 1967)
Sergio Mendes & Brasil '66, "For Me" (#98, 1967)
Sandy Posey, "Are You Never Coming Home" (#59, 1967)

Los Bravos, "Bring a Little Lovin'" (#51, 1968)
Barry Ryan, "Eloise" (#86, 1968)
The Goodees, "Condition Red" (#46, 1968)
The Five Americans, "7:30 Guided Tour" (#96, 1968)
Shadows of Knight, "Shake" (#46, 1968)
Michele Lee, "L. David Sloane" (#52, 1968)
Percy Sledge, "Sudden Stop" (#63, 1968)
Lulu, "Me, the Peaceful Heart" (#53, 1968)
The Scaffold, "Thank U Very Much" (#69, 1968)
Bill Medley, "Brown Eyed Woman" (#43, 1968)
Dave Dee, Dozy, Beaky, Mick & Tich, "Zabadak" (#52, 1968)

Ike & Tina Turner, "Bold Soul Sister" (#59, 1969)
The Fireballs, "Long Green" (#73, 1969)
Shango, "Day After Day (It's Slippin' Away)" (#57, 1969)
Joe Tex, "Buying a Book" (#47, 1969)
Billie Jo Spears, "Mr. Walker, It's All Over" (#80, 1969)
Earth Opera, "Home to You" (#97, 1969)
Peter Sarstedt, "Where Do You Go To (My Lovely)" (#70, 1969)
Orpheus, "Brown Arms In Houston" (#91, 1969)
Everything Is Everything, "Witchi Tai To" (#69, 1969)
Archie Bell & the Drells, "A World Without Music" (#90, 1969)

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