Mixtape Of The Day 11/23/2015: The Hidden '60s, Vol. 4 (Overtime)

The fourth and final Hidden '60s mixtape is and oddsy-and-sodsy (and extra-long) compendium of 37 songs covering the entire decade. In some instances, the songs included were considered for one of the other three mixtapes but were so odd they might've disrupted the flow. Others were just cut for length, but I really wanted to make sure they got heard somehow. Still others were a bit too much on the novelty side. And one was by Blue Cheer, the most hilarious band that could ever be considered a major seminal influence. And one is Guy Marks' "Loving You Has Made Me Bananas," as hummable and desirable a recording as ever the sky dropped onto our heads.

Disclaimer: The opinions and depictions expressed in a limited number of these songs (I'm sure you'll figure out which ones) reflect the views of the songwriters, singers and/or instrumentalists and do not necessarily (in fact flat-out don't) reflect those of the blogger. So, you know, peace and love and homemade dungarees and all that.

That does it. The Hidden '60s are over -- just like the actual '60s so just let it go man!

(And yes... there will be a Hidden '70s sometime in 2016. Probably not until spring at earliest, maybe even later. Whenever I can finally carve out 13 days of research into answering the question, "If 'My Ding-a-Ling' was worthy enough to crack the American top forty... holy crap, what did you guys reject?")

Happy holidays.

Tina Robin, "Dear Mr. DJ Play It Again" (#95, 1961)
Paul Petersen, "The Cheerleader" (#78, 1963)
Janie Grant, "That Greasy Kid Stuff" (#74, 1962)
Cornbread & Biscuits, "The Big Time Spender Pt. 1" (#75, 1960)
The Butanes, "Don't Forget I Love You" (#96, 1961)
Paul Evans, "Brigade of Broken Hearts" (#80, 1960)
Neil Sedaka, "King of Clowns" (#45, 1962)
The Coasters, "Shoppin' for Clothes" (#83, 1960)
Jan & Kjeld, "Banjo Boy" (#58, 1960)
The Matys Brothers, "Who Stole the Keeshka?" (#55, 1963)
Walter Brennan, "Houdini" (#100, 1962)

Don Covay, "Take This Hurt Off Me" (#97, 1964)
Ian Whitcomb, "N-E-R-V-O-U-S" (#59, 1964)
Buck Owens, "Waitin' In Your Welfare Line" (#57, 1966)
Bruce & Terry, "Custom Machine" (#85, 1964)
Etta James & Sugar Pie DeSanto, "Do I Make Myself Clear" (#96, 1965)
Leroy Pullins, "I'm a Nut" (#57, 1966)
Round Robin, "Kick That Little Foot Sally Anne" (#61, 1964)
The Barbarians, "Are You a Boy or Are You a Girl" (#55, 1965)
Cher, "Behind the Door" (#97, 1966)
Timmy Shaw, "Gonna Send You Back to Georgia (A City Slick)" (#41, 1964)
Richard Burton, "Married Man" (#64, 1965)
Mitch Ryder & the Detroit Wheels, "Takin' All I Can Get" (#100, 1966)

Guy Marks, "Loving You Has Made Me Bananas" (#51, 1968)
Blue Cheer, "Just a Little Bit" (#92, 1968)
Tony Joe White, "Roosevelt and Ira Lee (Night of the Mossacin)" (#44, 1969)
Betty Harris, "Nearer to You" (#85, 1967)
The Love Generation, "Montage From How Sweet It Is (I Knew That You Knew)" (#86, 1968)
Jean & the Darlings, "How Can You Mistreat the One You Love" (#96, 1967)
Autry Inman, "Ballad of Two Brothers" (#48, 1968)
The Seeds, "A Thousand Shadows" (#72, 1967)
The Maskman & the Agents, "My Wife, My Dog, My Cat" (#91, 1969)
The Cowsills, "The Prophecy of Daniel and John the Divine (Six-Six-Six)" (#75, 1969)
Lou Rawls, "Show Business" (#45, 1967)
Ray Charles, "Understanding" (#46, 1968)
The Music Makers, "United (Part 1)" (#78, 1967)
(+ Bonus Track)

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