Song Of The Day 12/2/2015: The Brooks Brothers – “Lookin’ For a Woman”

Song Of The Day Outtakes 2015 – Hi! It's December, which means I'm wrapping up all business on the blog for our annual year-end report, and barely paying attention to the day-to-day crap I have to do here. As explained yesterday I'm on something of an intellectual vacation until Christmas Week, so to kill time in the interim I'm putting up a bunch of songs that, for whatever reason, were almost going to be Songs Of The Day this past year but were ruthlessly cut. It's in chronological order according to date of excision.

Today's song was cut from Northern Soul Week back in January. I think I just couldn't find a lot of information on the Brooks Brothers. As you might imagine there's been plenty of bands called the Brooks Brothers, as well as some famous clothiers. None of them seemed to fit. The bands, I mean. And the clothes. Here's the page for the single -- as you can see that's pretty much a dead end as well. So if you happen to be from the Brooks Brothers and you're seeing this page, give me a shout and let me know how you're doing. And don't try to sell me any suits.

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