Song Of The Day 12/11/2015: Jamie Horton – “My Little Marine”

Song Of The Day Outtakes 2015 – This patriotic stroll-like number was cut from the first of the three Hidden '60s weeks back in September. Don't feel too sorry for Jamie Horton though: She also released singles under another name, and there's a fairly good shot you might be hearing one of them as we get closer to Nöel, if you catch my ingeniously subtle drift. Anyway, this was released in 1959. I tried to find out what our boys in uniform were doing in 1959, seeing as how the Korean Conflict was done in '53, the Suez Canal ado had bowled over and the Vietnam situation was still only a cult favorite. Here's what I got, from a 1971 chronology of the Marines: They did some air-amphibious assaults in Puerto Rico as a part of the BRIGALEX series, which I can't find anything about. They battled a fire that smoked out 700 acres of forest land near Camp Lejeune, North Carolina. They also helped out with a couple of fires in California. They participated in a lot of PHIBLEX training. They started girding themselves for potential conflicts with Cuba as the Fidel Castro regime went full-on Commie over the summer. And of course there was the year-end talent show. A fairly quiet year considering what was surfacing at the onset of the '60s. So at this point, anyway, there was a more than decent chance that Jamie's little Marine would be coming back safe and sound. Let's hope so. Well, hope is useless at this point, isn't it? It's been 56 years. If he ain't come home yet I don't think he's gonna make it.

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