Song Of The Day 12/15/2015: Christine Pilzer – “Dracula”

Song Of The Day Outtakes 2015 – This was cut from Halloween Week, because I wasn't very compelled to write something about it. So what do I do? Move it to the Outtakes file and schedule it, putting myself in the position of, bingo, having to write about it. Welcome to the fraternity of music writers, Bozo. I don't know how I got past the secret handshake. Anyway... Well, this is a vampire song, probably the least threatening song about monsters this side of "Monster Mash," less than two minutes long, written and sung in French, performed by a nice young woman named Christine Pilzer. Is it a metaphor about losing one's innocence, especially in the realm of the senses and ever-so-tentatively leashed sexuality? Of course it is. It's in French. You want literal songs, go ask the Germans.

France has a very scant vampirical tradition. Almost feather-light. It's not nearly as entrenched as the Slavic countries or Romania. One barely surviving folk tale hinges on the Count of St. Germain, who was only suspected of vampirism because he drank a lot of red wine. Character-wise there is nothing to suggest any trace of vampirism in the guy. The only other tangentially French accounts of vampirism take place in the French Quarter of New Orleans. Frankly, who knows why anything happens in New Orleans? That's the point of New Orleans. Anyway. The French and I can't really be bothered with your ghost stories, there's enough haunting us as it is. Moving on.

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