Song Of The Day 12/17/2015: Barry Ryan – “Eloise”

Song Of The Day Outtakes 2015 – This lovely 5-minute melodrama of romantic neurosis was cut from the third and final Hidden '60s installment (but included on the accompanying mixtape). As you'll recall from the infomercial The Hidden '60s series was about songs that were released as singles but weren't big hits. If you're a reader of a certain age from England, Germany, Austria or Switzerland you're probably saying to yourself, "BS. I couldn't escape this song if I tried." That's because "Eloise" hit either #1 or #2 in those countries, but in America where this blog is based it stalled out at #86. We might not have had the attention span to cover that "Nights In White Satin" type insert in the middle. Personally, I adore this song. It's like an early archetype of The Divine Comedy (if you don't yet know how I feel about The Divine Comedy you need to start cribbing your seat neighbor's notes). And check out the late '60s music video, which was way ahead of its time considering the medium. What production values! And horses! No cheap boxed chocolates or limp carnations for this girl, Barry's going all-in on Eloise. This beats any kiss-cam in any basketball arena anywhere. I'm drawing up the creative brief for the karaoke version right now.

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