Song Of The Day 12/19/2015: Wizzard – “I Wish It Could Be Christmas Every Day”

Christmas Week – It's that time of year, junior. Time to retrieve the light sabers from that box in the dusty attic, gear up the craft for another gravity-shattering Kessel run, load up the proton torpedo launchers, warm up the Bantha milk and give your astromech droids a complete hologram projector tune-up because it's... um... Christmastime. Sorry, I grabbed the wrong notebook. We'll just have to X-wing it.

First up in our annual review of Christmas songs is Roy Wood's Wizzard and their bid to not just accompany your tree-trimming, but to dominate Christmas more thoroughly and brazenly than a sentient Andy Williams sweater. That's Wood there in one of his patented epidermal overhauls -- the man used more glitter than a kindergarten art class, forensic pathologists and the Ziggy Stardust Tour put together -- and his merry band of happy players trying quite gallantly to look like awkward instrument mimes. Then the kids come in, looking somewhere between amused and concerned. (Were you a kid in this video? Contact me! I have oh so many questions!) A wonderful song by a wonderful band who were never afraid to make Spector-cles of themselves. (Yeah. Year's almost over. I'm tired. You're going to be getting bad puns whether you like it or not.)

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