Song Of The Day 12/26/2015: John Prine – “Jesus the Missing Years”

This is the last Song Of The Day for 2015. Usually I'd use this space at this time to post a sort of self-empowering summary song that's more meant to cheer me up instead of you. Last year it was a hopeful Nils Lofgren song. In fact the last SOTD was originally scheduled to be tomorrow, Dec. 27, contingently set up to coincide with a big announcement that I always knew had about a 50-50 chance of happening. In case it happened I wanted it to be ready. It didn't happen, ergo no announcement,* so I cut the son of a bitch. Upshot is that this year's end-of-year countdown has been extended from its traditional Top 30 to Top 40. I also have some metrics to report which I'm sure will please you greatly. However, it also means we end the year on a John Prine song, originally intended to serve as a post-Christmas Jesus tribute, now unintentionally the sign-off for the year. In some weird way, it still works. But I don't know how. If you figure it out get back to me. The Top 40 Songs Of The Day of 2015 countdown starts tomorrow. Hail to the accountants.

* I know you're sick of my Vaguebooking and such, so I'll go ahead and mention here that the big, canceled announcement involved relocation to a large metropolis on the other side of the country. Which I'm still trying to make happen, someday. It almost happened in 2014, and almost happened a couple weeks ago. (Your definition of "almost" may vary.) I'm still trying to find another avenue out there, unless Seattle somehow reminds itself it can't live without my unparalleled music expertise, content creation and editorial genius. Unfortunately that brilliance seems to be just an East Coast thing. Let me know if it changes.

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