The Top Songs Of The Day of 2015: #20-11

More choice material from the monster you created.

20. Rupert Holmes - "Terminal" + "Everything Gets Better When You're Drunk"
July 19

From Yacht Rock Underground week, two songs that are better written than most yacht rock has a right to be.

19. Fred Schneider - "Coconut"
Aug. 9

From a Quarterly Covers Report. The guy from the B-52's lays waste to a Nilsson track in one of the hardest-rocking songs ever to bear either's name.

18. Stephen Bishop - "The Big House" + "Red Cab to Manhattan"
July 22

Two tracks from Yacht Rock Underground that subverted the whole marina.

17. Chris Joss - "Discotheque Dancing"
Mar. 21

I don't remember why I did this. I think it was a TV tie-in.

16. Mel Tormé - "Requiem: 820 Latham"
Apr. 18

Andras Jones' suggestion for You Pick The Artist III. The artist Andras picked was actually songwriter Jimmy Webb. This is one of the most poignant examples you'll hear as to why you should never overlook Webb or Mel Tormé.

15. Bobby Hendricks - "Psycho"
Sep. 6

The opening chapter of The Hidden '60s Part 1.

14. Ann-Margret - "It Do Me So Good"
Sep. 9

The sultriest chapter from the Hidden '60s Part 1.

13. The United States of America - "The American Way of Love"
Nov. 4

The most surprisingly popular theme week this year was something called Allegations Of Weirdness, culled from a MOJO magazine list of the 50 weirdest albums ever released. This great track from an album by a musical misfit and a bunch of UCLA students was part of the folderol.

12. Paul Pearson - "Story"
Dec. 27, 2014


11. Joy Division - "She's Lost Control"
Oct. 15

Waldo Jeffries' suggestion for You Pick The Artist IV. Coincides with a sudden reappreciation for Joy Division that's been happening here lately.

Tomorrow: #10-2.

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