The Top Songs Of The Day of 2015: #10-2

Your last tantilization.

10. Ween - "Frank"
Apr. 15

Ian Stenseng's suggestion from You Pick the Artist III. It's in the hands of God.

9. Schlong - 4 songs from "Punk Side Story"
Aug. 13

From the autumn Quarterly Covers Report. The greatest punk rock cover of a Broadway musical ever. Thanks to the band for nudging this along as well.

8. Dionne Warwick - "Geh Vorbei"
Apr. 21

From Speaking In Tongues week, Dionne's own German reworking of "Walk On By."

7. Harvey Sid Fisher - "Astrology Songs"
Aug. 29

A gentleman, scholar and the only golf instructor I've ever had.

6. Paul Simon - "50 Ways to Leave Your Lover"
Aug. 3

From Week Of Lies, a successful endeavor in which you encouraged me to keep lying.

5. Shelley Duvall - "He Needs Me"
Aug. 27

Another Harry Nilsson composition, this one from Robert Altman's Popeye filtered through Paul Thomas Anderson's Punch Drunk Love.

4. Bryan Adams - "Have You Ever Really Loved a Woman"
Aug. 4

From Week Of Lies. This accompanied what was pretty much my first short story in 14 years. It went well.

3. Harvey Scales & the Seven Sounds - "Funky Football"
Jan. 3

Hard funk from the '70s to accompany the beginning of the NFL playoffs. I have no idea how this racked up so many page views in its first 28 days, except for the fact that you have exceptional taste.

2. Peter Fonda - "November Night"
June 5

From Nuggets Week, an appealing piece of flower-power from the other Captain America that appeared on Rhino's L.A. Nuggets compilation.

Tomorrow: Who's #1? The answer will amaze you. That's what Brenda told me to say. She's been taking some marketing correspondence courses. I think they're of great benefit to her but she's sticking me with the bill. She's been a buzzword machine lately too. "Take it to the next level," she says. What level is that? Forget that, what level are we on now? She rolls my eyes when I ask that, but seriously, where am I supposed to go from here? Anyway. Look, Brenda's been great, invaluable member of the team, far and away the best potluck-bringer we have here, not thinking for a minute about letting her go. But one thing for certain: Nobody in this office is ever, ever allowed to use the word "synergy." I can tell it's been on the tip of Brenda's tongue, and it's visibly straining for her to hold back. I'm sorry, though. I have my limits. 

Anyway... yeah, tomorrow we'll have the #1 song for you.

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