Song Of The Day 1/17/2016: Teri DeSario – “Ain’t Nothin’ Gonna Keep Me From You”

Disco Doubt – Well, let's just segue effortlessly back into the comedy, eh?

One trend you'll see more of this year from me is an increase in mixtapes. (I call them mixtapes out of habit. Officious sorts who aren't sold on the power of metaphor are quick to point out that they're not actually on tape. I thank these sorts for pointing out the discrepancy to me, as it helps me further whittle down the target audience.) There are a few reasons for that, particularly in the realm of long-range editorial planning which I'll get around to explaining later, 'cause it's long-range. As I'm trying to ramp up my mixtape narratives from juvenile hijinx to Wilde-esque wit, I'm refining my editing skillz a bit.

At some point last fall I decided I'd do a disco mix after the year turned over. Since I had relatively little to do on New Year's Day besides clean up the slaughterhouse, I started working on it then. I'm almost done; there's just one more element left to be inserted, as is usually the case with disco. The tape will be available next Saturday. We'll blow it up here and you can find it on my Mixcloud page. As is the goal of this blog the songs will run the gamut from total obscurities to regional hits, to tunes that were popular in clubs but not on the charts, to songs that were only popular in England. Your jones for A Taste Of Honey will remain unfulfilled, in other words. But I've found some good and/or curious disco compositions that I'm sure will keep you amused on the tape, and for the next week you'll hear previews of six of them, including today's really quite pleasant, Barry Gibb-written tune from Teri DeSario.

The mix is called Mixtape #16: Disco Doubt. It drops late Friday night or Saturday morning. The title will be explained within the first two minutes of the mixtape so just hold your horses. 

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