Mixtape Of The Day 2/6/2016: The Spindle Recruits

Change of plans. This wasn't going to be coming at you for another two weeks, because we just had the Disco Doubt mixtape go up two weeks ago. However, certain licensing restrictions wound up preventing me from putting up the song I originally had planned for today (which is fine because my enthusiasm for it wasn't the highest), so seeing how Mixtape #17 was all set to go (in fact technically it was finished before Disco Doubt) and I was pretty happy with the results I saw no reason to hold it back. Yesterday was the kind of day where I made most of my decisions by casting lots; it really didn't seem like a better or worse decision than anything else I signed off. So here.

Generally speaking this is a bunch of punk and post-punk from around 1975 through 1986, divided into four rough segments with inconsequential interstitials. (The Lizzy Mercier Descloux track is a 2003 remix of a song originally recorded in 1979.) It started off as a survey of Welsh-language music, but eventually I gave that up and just went for an acceptable mix. There's one Welsh-language song left over though and I'm quite fond of it. Honey Bane is on here twice, with her song "Boring Conversations" and as the singer of Fatal Microbes' closing "Violence Grows," which I think was the only song I was familiar with when I began this mix. I wanted to follow up Disco Doubt with something dehumanizing, but it didn't totally work out that way. I like this as is, though. It's just human enough without going overboard. Enjoy.

The Nosebleeds – Ain't Been To Music School
Girls At Our Best! – Getting Nowhere Fast
Radio Stars – Good Personality
Honey Bane – Boring Conversations
Kosmonautentraum – Juri Gagarin

Delta 5 – Mind Your Own Business
Leyton Buzzards –  Saturday Night Beneath the Plastic Palm Trees
Lizzy Mercier Descloux – Hard-Boiled Babe
Camberwell Now – Sitcom
Nichts – Scheisse
The Visitors – Journey By Sledge

Ludus – My Cherry Is In Sherry
Datblygu – Cân I Gymry
The Mo-Dettes – Masochistic Opposite
The Sods – Mopey Grope
Y Pants – Love's a Disease

Glaxo Babies – Christine Keeler
Mars – Puerto Rican Ghost
Dog Faced Hermans – Keep Your Laws Off My Body
Essential Logic – Brute Fury
Fatal Microbes – Violence Grows

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