Songs Of The Day 2/14/2016: Freddy & the Kinfolk – “The Goat”

Songs From the Spreadsheet – So much of this blog is powered by Microsoft Office. That's probably not a huge surprise, even if it makes me feel a bit uncomfortable as an ex-employee of the place. I don't exactly owe them favors, but shifting everything over to the Google Docs universe sounds like it'll take at least an hour of my time, and my time is prohibitively expensive, especially now that I've uncovered that whole gravitational waves thing.

ANYWAY, since research is such a staple procedure of SOTD and the Mixtape series, quite often I'll come upon some music items online that don't have anything to do with what I'm intently looking up, but I'm so taken by a song that I know I'll want to reserve it for future use. So last year I started putting them all down in an Excel spreadsheet. A couple of 2015 mixtapes were built on entries on this list, but Song Of The Day, not so much. For the most part the spreadsheet's been sitting around for the last eight or nine months, with me adding to it on a sporadic basis. In the back of my mind I supposed that if I ever had a week come up where I either had nothing planned or wanted to switch around, I could just go to that list and pull stuff out of a hat, or whatever metaphor you'd prefer to describe the act.

Well, that week is now, as I decided to postpone what was going to be this week's theme until June. All the songs in the next six days were randomly stumbled upon at some point in the last year and marked down for future use. I've gone back and listened to each one to try and remember what it was that struck me about the song in the first place. In some cases I have no idea what that was. And in others it's only perfectly obvious.

Today's song would fall under the "perfectly obvious" category, as it's an R&B instrumental centered around a goat. Your Valentine's Day just developed an sudden, disquieting note. Yup, I went to Jared. You're welcome. 

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