Mixtape Of The Day 3/5/2016: Unavoidably Infiltrated

This is the first rap or hip hop mix I've ever done. I looked at my watch and realized I'd never done one, and with the panoply of genres coursing through the first 18 mixes rap's absence stuck out. Since the first rap album I ever bought was the first Run-DMC album from 1984 that made nearly five whole years of rap that I didn't know anything about, so as is my convention I spent a whole lot of time tracking down what I missed. Here's a portion of what I came up with. Strictly speaking all these records came between 1979 and 1984, but in cross-checking the release dates after the fact I discovered this playlist is heavily weighted towards the years 1979 and 1980. Also, in the six days since this mix went up it's skyrocketed to #75 on Mixcloud's Old School chart. Seventy-five! On the Old School chart! That must be why the checkout girls at PCC draw quick gasps when I show up.

Some highlights:
  • Two songs from pre-gangsta Ice-T, including the opening electro-funk track "Tibetan Jam" by Chris "The Glove Taylor and David Storrs, a song which I unequivocally love and gave this mix its title

  • Tanya 'Sweet Tee' Winley's "Vicious Rap," which is breathtaking

  • The Unknown Rapper's "Election 80 Rapp," which is on this list for setting of time and place only and not because it's very good

  • D.J. Hollywood's relentless "Shock, Shock the House"

  • Steve Gordon's "Take My Rap... Please," an affectionate parody that was ahead of its time

  • 12 other songs, plus the usual transitions and interstitials.

Enjoy. Who knows, with any luck at all we could hit #65 this weekend!

Chris "The Glove" Taylor & David Storrs feat. Ice-T - Tibetan Jam
The Treacherous Three - Feel the Heartbeat
T-Ski Valley - Catch the Beat
Dr. Love & Sister Love - Doctor Love & Sister Love Rap
Tanya 'Sweet Tee' Winley - Vicious Rap
Rock Master Scott & the Dynamic 3 - It's Life (You Gotta Think Twice)

Super Wolf - Super Wolf Can Do It
Ron Hunt - Spiderap
The Unknown Rapper - Election 80 Rapp
D.J. Hollywood - Shock, Shock the House

T.J. Swann & Peewee Mel & Swann Controllers - Maximus Party
P.J. LaBoy - Baya Latinos
Steve Gordon & the Kosher Five - Take My Rap... Please
Ice-T - The Coldest Rap (Part 1)

Mr. Q - Rapping Time
Neil B - Body Rock
Harlem World Crew - Rappers Convention
King Tim III - Fatback (Personality Jock)

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