Song Of The Day 3/6/2016: Chris Knox – “A Song to Welcome the Onset of Maturity”

It's my birthday tomorrow. I don't advertise these things on my own account normally, but it's one of those orphan days on the blog, I needed a song and what's worse, I needed an angle. Besides, the family is celebrating it today. We're going downtown for some high-calorie food, and then heading out to Experience Music Project to take a few ganders at What Might Have Been. While we're there we'll be going to the Science Fiction Museum to survey the only real creative options left. After that we'll go home. I'm probably going to have to work on the next theme week, which I've delayed a full nine months because the research isn't as automatic as I prefer. At some point the wife will go to bed and I'll stay up for another few hours, tightening up the projects I have going on, restarting the exercise program I've been slacking on all awards season, having John Oliver inflame me and then drifting off in a darkened room towards a sleep that's never as restful as I'd like it to be if the following day is any indication. And Now You Know What Happens Behind The Curtain. Let me know if I can pick up anything for you. 

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