Song Of The Day 3/26/2016: Colin Blunstone – “This Is Your Captain Calling”

TUMWATER, WA -- For various administrative reasons I'm flying without a theme this week. The next one starts April 3. I've solicited requests for the first time on Facebook and will be filling those that I can deal with in a cavalier, kind of brusquely unconcerned manner. Should be affirming.

Anyway, last week I posted about my latest mix, Veritas Animus, which I described rather vaguely as the most personal one I've ever done. That was about it. I'm still not going to explain it any further, but I don't think I sold it hard enough. Here goes: Did you like Dark Side of the Moon? Did you like Quadrophenia before Sting was attached to it? (Or even after he was, it wasn't a bad movie.) Do you like mixtapes that include religious intrigue, anger, fractured childhood memories, death scenes and strategic employment of silence? Did you think that season of Dallas that was all just Pam Ewing's dream perfectly plausible? You did? Great, then you might like Veritas Animus. This song is on it. Operators are standing by.

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