Song Of The Day 4/1: Rick Astley – “Never Gonna Give You Up (Alternate Version)”

This is it. This is the song. The song that won the war. What war, you ask? The war that unborn children are primed to fight through heraldry and inheritance, that informs their blood cells from the moment they are crudely realized in fitful moments of plunging and fluid after two unsuspecting lifeforms have tossed their anxieties down the gullet. This song has always existed. It lay across the domain of the great philosophers, breathed brawn into the ears of the gladiators. It buttressed diplomats with relentless prudence, it spawned the frontiersmen's gaping overreach. Remote civilizations excluded from orthodox society who count their treasures in smeared dirt and scars may only have caught glints of this song, but even in its sparse echoes and fractured verses they knew the entire sonnet forwards and backwards as it solidified in their muscle memory. It desolates the poet as much as it inspires, for he reaches in meter to craft an ode bearing one-tenth of its power, yet is always condemned to fall painfully lacking in the end. It is said that the path to our preferred versions of the afterlife, whatever our chosen creeds, is lovingly paved with the frequencies this song emits. It is the scaffold of the causeway, the gravity of the valley, the rhythm of our walk and the propellor of our flight. Now, like a crazed but accurate prophet's portentous call across the town square, it calls you again, again, yet again. Shall you listen? This time, shall you listen?

Hear it:

This shit writes itself.

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