Song Of The Day 5/11/2016: Nika Kocharov & Young Georgian Lolitaz – “Midnight Gold” (Georgia)

I'm Ovision – Eurovision! 2016 – "Young Georgian Lolitaz." You see what these Georgians did there? They cited an archetype inspired by a classic novel by Vladimir Nabakov and gave it some contemporary alternate spelling flava. That is so awesome. Bringing literacy back for a new lost generation via bastardization. Hey, I just came up with some others: The Great Gatzbee. Uly$$e$. The Invisible         . Look Homeward, Bitch. Well, that's enough for now. The next batch'll cost you, Öliva Twizt.

Here is the one song in the entire Eurovision shebang that makes any concessions to contemporary modern rock, if you're okay if I call the year 2004 "contemporary," which makes it just in time for Eurovision. There's a little smidgen of Arctic Monkeys' sneer. A dollop of the Strokes' practiced detachment. A nod to OK Go's visual whimsy. A modest teaspoon of the Killers' cool paranoia. A song that attempts to bring all of the contest's bluster, spectacle and nu-yodel back down to the level of the common people. This song doesn't have a real sporting chance to win, but Nika Kocharov & YGL can comfort themselves by accepting their roles as this year's Eurovision Recalibration Squad. That's important too, you know.

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