Song Of The Day 5/12/2016: Laura Tesoro – “What’s the Pressure?” (Belgium)

I'm Ovision – Eurovision! 2016 – So it's come to this. The purest, least complicated pleasure in my Eurovision 2016 experience comes from a healthy former child actor with astonishing joint control who cops equally from "Another One Bites the Dust" and "Are You Gonna Go My Way?" Laura Tesoro is a pre-diva, but I'm not so sure she's going to go the full nine yards into Mariahville or whether she'll find her comfort zone as somebody more unconventional -- say, Robyn, who I adore. Some of us haven't taken full stock of disco revivalism, so I suppose that's why "What's the Pressure?" exists and the nation of Belgium has taken it to heart. You could do far worse. You could poison your family or defecate on a gravestone, neither of which I was inclined to do in the least while hearing this song. I also like the extent to which Laura has maximized her column of limited space while dancing. In particular I like that back-arch movement that makes her look like she's the most structurally sound food service employee in the world. If you want to see what I'm talking about, it's the quick sequence from about 1:12 to 1:15 in the video, and is repeated a couple times later. She's way more flexible than the waitress on the cover of Breakfast in America.

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