Songs Of The Day 5/15/2016: 4 from The Daxls

Now that Eurovision's over and the winning entry has pissed off Putin, let's refocus on the European entities that were spared the damning taint of winning that song contest. And I can't imagine any band deserving to be overlooked by polite society than The Daxls. They're from Utrecht, which at one point was the center of Christianity in The Netherlands. The Daxls did not inherit that particular brand of spirituality. They gathered in the 1990s with a slop guitar, a piercing Farfisa organ and a vocalist clearly trained in the Heineken Method.

According to a webpage in Dutch that I translated into English on Google,
Yes, the lo-fi garage punk quintet that made very passionate poppy noise during the nineties from Utrecht. The Daxls are those of twenty years ago than hip and happening?... The Daxls made name with somewhat chaotic performances in the Netherlands and Germany, and a pair of fine singles on legendary labels like Celt and Porn Gram. With band members Daxl Rose and Bingo Starr welcome you soon get the idea that it is all nonsense, and indeed, a certain amount of crap is present but make no mistake, musicians were in The Daxls who had already earned their spurs in bands as Beatle Hans Pooh Sticks and The Avengers and later we saw them back in, among other Spinvis, Do the Undo, Transatlantic Bunnies, Ringwald and Ron & The Splinters.
I don't reprint results from Google Translate nearly as much as I should. That's some quality algorithming. Anyway, today's entry features all four songs from the Daxls' 1996 single Ich Saufe Mich Tot: "It Ain't Fair," "Sixpack Sexslave," "Chickenshit" and "Fuck It." Also, could we lobby some huge gigantic band with a sense of humor to name their greatest-hits album A Certain Amount of Crap Is Present

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